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1. Aaron and Adrian Marquis' Story

My story begins in Febuary of 2008 when I found out I was pregnant again.  I already had two boys at home.  I was very sick and had to be admitted in the hospital more than eight times.  I lost over ten percent of my body weight and things never got any... More

2. Adam and Alex's Story

When my first daughter was 4 and my second daughter was 6 months old, I found out I was pregnant again. At 16 weeks, I measured big for size, so the doctor sent me in for an ultrasound. I was sure I was just big because it was so soon to be pregnant again--my body had not yet fully recovered... More

3. Adrianna and Sophia Boardway's Story

Our precious daughters Adrianna Grace and Sophia Antoinette were born on November 4, 2002! Welcomed into this world, at the fragile age of 28 gestational weeks. Survivors of Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome.Their journey into our lives represents passionate faith,... More

4. Alejandro and Andres' Story

My husband and I have been married for eleven wonderful years. We both knew we wanted a big family. I wanted three kids, my husband four. He always... More

5. Allison and Caroline Dewees' Story

Our story begins when I was diagnosed with TTTS at 20 weeks into my pregnancy. For almost three weeks prior, I had been suffering from extreme back pain. As this was my first pregnancy, with twins no less, I believed the doctor when she told me it was normal. So, I... More

6. Anencephaly

My name is Kati-Lyn Raymond and three years ago my husband and I were overjoyed to find out we were expecting. We had been trying to expand our little family for 2 years and we had lost the pregnancy before this one as it was a blighted ovum. We... More

7. Angel Joshua`s story and his fight with LUTO (VACTERL - puv, tracheo-oesophageal fistula,radial aplasia)

Hi My name is Amanda, I'm 30 years old and when im not pregnant im Senior flight attendant, I have been flying 11 years mainly long haul. I am from England.


8. Ariana's Story

A life of four days can appear to some, to have little consequence. It can appear to be to some, insignificant. What can one achieve in four days? My daughter Ariana, lived just four days. And as a result of her short life, she saved the life of our third child, our miraculous and unexpected... More

9. Avery and Austin's story

This is for Austin and Avery.. My name is Robin Murray, and my husbands name is Dustin. We live in Colorado, and have a daughter named Ayla. We got married in January 2010, and had thoughts of having just one more child. We got pregnant in April 2010 and in May 2010 we found out that we were... More

10. baby boy "Boston"- HLHS with IAS

We were diagnoised at 21 weeks gestation with HLHS (hypoplastic left heart syndrome), from a obgyn specialist. They referred us to Dallas Texas to the cardiologist specialist at the Childrens hospital. My first appointemnt was Wednesday, March 21st, where they found out my son also has IAS... More

11. Benjamin and Bailey's Story

My daughter found out she was having twins on Feb.14, 2004 when she was 19 weeks. The sonorgram technician mentioned that there appeared to be one placenta, but didn't mention any potential problems or TTTS. My daughter was very sick for the first 3 months of her... More

12. Brock and Brandon's Story

We lost our twin boys, Brock Antony and Brandon Malachi in December 2003 at 27.4 weeks gestation. I had gone to the emergency room on December 6 for severe rib pains related to a horrible cold. During the visit, they found both of the boys' heartbeats. On December... More

13. Caleb and Noah Cole's Story

Our story begins Feb 2007.  My husband and I had talked about getting pregnant again in January or February 2007.  Then January rolled around, and we felt like we weren't financially ready.  We already had 2 beautiful boys, Gaven who was 4 at the time and Ethan... More

14. Camdan and Ean's Story

Where to begin... We found out we were pregnant very early and we were so excited as we had lost a baby about a year before.  At about 5 weeks along I had some terrible cramping and some bleeding and thought for sure I was having a miscarriage.  I went to the... More

15. Cameron and Alec's Story  Discuss with Michelle - How to get link to launch when the story is launched.


16. Cameron and Cole Tummers

My husband and I had always tossed around the ideal size of our family….he’d have had enough for a hockey line up... More

17. CCAM - Sean's story

After becoming pregnant with my daughter after a month of trying and having a textbook pregnancy, I never expected that it would take 16 cycles for baby #2 or that there would be complications. I was hesitant to bring my daughter to our 19 week ultrasound in case something was wrong. Something... More

18. Chase, my hero

It was April Fool’s Day 2008.  I decided to play a practical joke on two of my best friends and told them I was pregnant.  Little did I know not even a week later I would find out I was actually pregnant.  I remember crying because it was unplanned and I was scared, but we... More

19. Chloe, Never give up hope!

It all started when I was 20 weeks pregnant, I was so excited to go and get an ultrasound done.  My husband and I had an adorable son named Xavier and we were overjoyed that he would be getting a baby brother or sister.
At the ultrasound, things seemed fine.  My husband and I... More

20. Christian and Aidan's Story

In May 2003 my husband Jonathan and I found out we were having twins. Our doctor advised us that they were most likely identical twins. At 19 weeks we found out their sex. Twin boys. That day was so exciting because it made it so much more real to us that we were having two babies. Upon... More

21. complicated pregnancy My fiance and I found out at 7 weeks, we would be having triplets! Talk about shocked, we were told I couldn't have any babies 2 years prior. We automatically became high risk, as all triplet pregnancies are. We had an ultrasound at 10 weeks, and found out that baby c had died, we were... More

22. Daniel and Dominic's Story

Three months ago I lost both of my sons to TTTS. This was a very horrible experience and I just hope that this can be prevented in the future. I would not wish this to happen to anyone.

I was 19 weeks pregnant with twin boys, this was my second pregnancy and unfortunately it was also... More

23. Dr. Quintero's Staff Became MY Family When I Had None, Saving my TTTS Twins I wasn't expecting a baby, certainly not twins. I'd taken "precautions". But here I was, and moving from Colorado to Tampa, Florida at 20wks to boot. A few weeks later, I stopped feeling "Baby B" move, it was my husband's 1st day of his new job. The staff at hospital triage assured me it was so... More

24. Eli and Leo Hazel's Story

When I found out we were pregnant with twins I was overwhelmed.  With two boys already, I didn't think I wanted twins.  Then the complications started.  At 13 weeks my local OB saw a cystic hygroma (sac full of fluid) at the base of Eli's skull.  We had to go... More

25. Elijah Lee Hyde

When my fiancé and I went in for our routine 20 week ultrasound, we were ecstatic to find out the sex of our beautiful bundle of joy. Being so naïve at the time, my biggest fear was that the... More

26. Ellery

Life was perfect! My husband, Greg had a wonderful job he loved, our year and half year old son, Wyatt was a dream and we were expecting another baby; a girl we named Ellery! We had it all and life was wonderful! But our world forever changed September 9th, 2008; the day we learned our unborn... More

27. Emma and Macey Stone's Story

By Ruth Schenk

One-year-old twins Emma and Macey Stone chatter as they run through the great room of their family home in LaGrange, Ky. Everything they do reflects a miracle, said their proud parents, Dave and Dawn Stone.

Those who have... More

28. Ephraim Josiah Harding's Story

On December 17th 2008, being 15 weeks pregnant, our OBGYN was conducting an ultrasound to confirm our baby's heartbeat and while our child's heart was beating steady and strong they discovered a mass near the baby's belly that concerned them. Not 24 hours later we... More

29. George and Henry Ward's Story


30. Georgie's Story

Ours is a sad but happy story.  We had waited 10 years to hear two simply... More

31. Giselle and Ginger Madden's Story

In September 2007, my husband and I were surprised to find that our 17 month old was going to be a big sister! My first prenatal appointment revealed 8 week old twins, my second identical twins, and my third appointment revealed two little girls. It seemed like one... More

32. Hailey and Cassidy's Story

I’m a grandmother of TTTS survivors. Hailey and Cassidy are 20 months old now and are rapidly passing their own age group in development and dexterity skills. Their last well-check was so positive none of us could believe it. They are doing things 2 and 3 year olds are doing!!

33. Haley and Allie George's Story of Survival

Normal identical twin pregnancy up until 24.5 weeks at that point diagnosed with... More

34. Hope and Faith's Story

It all started in April of 2003 when I finally became pregnant after 3 1/2 years of trying. We have a 4-year old daughter. We were all very excited another baby was on the way. At my 8th week ultrasound the tech said to me, I don't know if I should tell you or wait until your husband comes in.... More

35. Jack and Jake Slichter's Story

My husband is in the Marines and we got married at 19, right after he got out of boot camp. After he got out of his job training, I moved to North... More

36. Jacob and Boden Stouwe's Story

On January 29, 2007, my 9-week ultrasound revealed that we were expecting twins. We were shocked and very, very excited. A month later I experienced a little bleeding and had another ultrasound. On that ultrasound there was no sight of a membrane separating the... More

37. Jacqueline and Brittany Kent's Story

This is the story of how I lost my two little girls to TTTS at the age of 29. This was not a planned pregnancy and was natural (no fertility drugs). When I first found out I was pregnant with twins, I was filled with all kinds of different emotions; scared,... More

38. Jake and Cole's Miracle Story - TTTS Survivors

"I see two heartbeats.”  In October of 2009, those were the scariest words I had ever heard.  Had I heard the sonographer... More

39. James and Miles Lewis' Story

Read their miracle story here: More

40. Jessica and Jillian's Story

My name is Ellen Auer and my husband Jim and I have 1 beautiful son named Jason, aged 2. In July of 2003, we found out that we were expecting again and about 6 weeks later, we found out that we were expecting twins!! How exciting to be expecting twins. Everybody including ourselves were so... More

41. Joshua and Evan Ridgeway's Story

My wife Jen and I have become parents to 2 wonderful TTTS survivors, Evan and Joshua born at 32 weeks on 11/06/02. Our TTTS story started in July of 2002. Jen had become pregnant at age 39. Me at 47, and our kids at 17 and 14 had some re-adjusting to do. Wow! At... More

42. Kaeden and Kaleb's TTTS Story



43. Kamryn & Kourtney's Story

In March of 2008 my wife and I found out that we were unexpectedly pregnant and a week later we found that we were pregnant with twins. The ultrasound showed that we had identical twins and that they were diamniotic monochorionic. Our OB recommended that we see a maternal fetal specialist in... More

44. Kayla and Hannah Guas


45. Keegan Quinn's Story - LUTO and Dialysis

Being almost 40 and pregnant was very nerve-racking. I had read about the complications and risks being pregnant at 40 but I had a great first pregnancy with my daughter 12 years ago so I was confident in myself and my body that everything would be fine with this pregnancy. When I went for a... More

46. Kingsley and Kendall Funk's Story

Our story started when the ultrasound tech said, "ya know there's two in there?!" I was 18 weeks pregnant and we thought we going to find out the sex of our 2nd baby (Kamryn, big sis was almost 3).  Turns out we found out we were having twins and we left knowing... More

47. Kirsten and Courtney Riser's Story

I am writing about my girls who are survivors of TTTS. Kirsten and Courtney were born 12/11/99 at 29 weeks. Kirsten was 2 pounds 9oz (donor twin) 14 inches long and Courtney was 2 pounds 4oz and 14 inches long. Kirsten was intubated for a week and then on cpap for... More

48. Kourtney and Kamryn Wells' Story

In March of 2008 my wife and I found out that we were unexpectedly pregnant and a week later we found that we were pregnant with twins.  The ultrasound showed that we had identical twins... More

49. Levi's Miracle story with ABS (Amniotic Band Syndrome)

My name is Charissa. My son was born this summer affected by amniotic band syndrome. We were one of the few families who received an in utero diagnosis early enough in the pregnancy that we were candidates for fetal surgery to release the bands. The umbilical cord and both of Levi's hands were... More

50. Lexi and Katelyn Smith's Story

“Our Story” begins on my birthday, June 24th, 1999. Nick and I found out the wonderful news that we were expecting! . A few weeks later, I had some exciting news for my husband, “Nick, Honey, I want to show you the picture of the sonogram I got today…why... More

51. Madelyn’s Story

After trying to become pregnant for about a year (using Clomid, IUI and IVF) we were thrilled to find... More

52. Magical Julia

I just want to share my story about my daughter, Julia, who is the miracle who... More

53. Mason Penna's Story

During a routine ultrasound at 15 weeks gestation, Mason’s bladder was discovered to be much, much larger than it should’ve been. In fact, his bladder was bigger than his entire head. Almost the entire baby was bladder. The perinatologist explained to us... More

54. Matthew Alexander Harden's Story

Matthew Alexander Harden
March 8th, 2009
Melbourne, Florida

Parents: Josh and Jennifer Harden
Siblings: Abigail and Raleigh Harden

On August 18, 2008, my husband and I... More

55. Maxwell's Story

I should start by saying that this was my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy ended badly. I was pregnant with a little boy we would name Thomas. Thomas was diagnosed with OSB (open spina bifida) and several other things that are commonly associated with OSB. I was 21 and lived 3 states away... More

56. Miller's Miracles

Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty – the list goes on and on. We have all read most of the more popular fairy tales.  Some of us have them memorized after having read them a thousand times.  Well, we were living the fairytale until we were... More

57. Momma's Brave Little Lamb

I still remember January 17th 2010 like it was yesterday. I made an appointment because for some strange reason all 7 pregnancy tests were coming up positive.  It took the doctor bluntly saying “You’re pregnant” for it to finally sink in. Planned or unplanned, I quickly fell in love... More

58. Morgan and Savannah La Penna

Our journey begins when we got pregnant for... More

59. My Fetal Hydrops Miracle

On my birthday, July 22nd, my boyfriend and I went in for my 20 week ultrasound and we were so excited to find out the gender of our first baby. We went into the hospital and after what seemed like forever, the ultrasound lady called me in and i did what I needed to do and laid down on... More

60. My Little Lion (Kai)

My little lion
I can remember the rush of gratitude and joy that I felt the moment the sonographer confirmed that our Leilani was going to have a brother.  I couldn’t think of another time that I felt so incredibly lucky – I was going to have the perfect, complete family that I... More

61. Nels Robert Campbell's Story

The Miracle of Nels

Hi, my name is Kristin and I would like to tell you about my precious little one Nels. Towards the end of April 2008 my husband and I got the news we had been hoping, praying and dreaming of for over 13 years.... More

62. Noel and Natalie Barr's Story

Our story begins as many do, with a hopeless diagnosis and questions without answers. Our fate though was not to bow to defeat. It was not through great intellect or skill that we managed to avert disaster. It was through determination and a series of fateful... More

63. Our Angel Toby Although we are a young couple having a family has always been important to us. After getting married we immediately began trying to have a baby, with no such luck. We finally visited a reproductive endocrinologist after almost 3 years of trying, and she put me on Metformin to help regulate my... More

64. Our CDH Miracle

On February 14th 2010, I gave birth to two beautiful little girls named Kennedy and Columbia. Shortly after their birth we were told that Kennedy was born with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). A hole had formed in her diaphragm causing her intestines and other organs to push into her... More

65. Our Founder's Story


There are few moments in one's life that they can recall every detail about a particular day. For us it began with the news we were expecting twins. This was probably the first time I was truly speechless for what seemed to be 48... More

66. Pablo Ignacio

For three years, my husband and I tried to get pregnant. We tried every possible fertility method. Thankfully on our 3rd IVF cycle, we got pregnant.... More

67. Quinn and Rowan Hall's Story

Hi, my name is Mary Hall. I am a 38 year old mother of four. My... More

68. Ricardo and Jose's Story

Click here to visit the site and read their story!


69. Robert and Whitt Yancy's Story

Our journey started 2 years ago, when after years of infertility and a failed IVF, I actually conceived naturally. We were so excited. When I called my infertility specialist to relay the... More

70. Tessa and Tara Gellner's Story

We found out we were pregnant at the end of May, 2004. We were thrilled to know that we were going to have a sibling for our 15 month old son, Holden. In early August, at a routine check-up, two heartbeats were discovered, and with a quick ultrasound, it was... More

71. The Gardella Family and their TTTS Miracles Daniel & Dominic

Watch their story here:


72. Trevor and Tyson Ellis' Story

Tyson & Trevor Ellis; TTTS SurvivorsI would like to share our story of how TTTS touched our lives. After having the proverbial "one of each" children with an 8-year-old daughter and four-year-old son, we were satisfied that we were finished having children. The... More

73. TTTS Survivors

At six weeks pregnant we found out we were having twins. We were thrilled!! At ten weeks pregnant my OB told me they were dichorionic, diamniotic twins. He decided that I did not need another ultrasound for ten more weeks. I was uncomfortable with this, but since this was my first pregnancy, I... More

74. Wyatt's Story

I was one day away from being 35 weeks. I had felt movement from my son becoming less and less in the prior days. I thought he was growing and running out of room. I had grown quite a bit in the last month. I was very uncomfortable and just felt “wrong” and different than I did with my 1st... More

75. Xander's Story

I remember the day. It was October 19th, 2010 and I had just had two positive pregnancy tests. I must admit, I was scared. My youngest was not 2 yet, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about having another in diapers. But it was another blessing from God and my husband and I were ready to take on... More

76. Zachary and Nicholas' Story

The Smith's Family: Zachary Raymond Dane & Nicholas Dane Raymond

Zachary with his Mom and Dad; TTTS SurvivorAfter a 4 year long road of testing, treatments and surgery, my husband and I were informed that it was unlikely we would get... More

77. Zoe and Kaitlyn Evans' Story

We found out we were pregnant with twins in July 2006, with a due date of March 11th, 2007. YES we were very surprised, but not too surprised due to the fact that this would have... More

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